Police Install Special ‘Stations’ Around Town For Stray Dogs

Calling all animal lovers, this one’s for you.

Dogs truly are a man’s best friend. However, unfortunately, there is an overwhelming number of dogs around the world that are left abandoned and mistreated.

Animal abandonment is quite common, mainly due to the owner’s underestimation of the amount of time, attention, and resources needed to take care of the animal.

Once abandoned, these poor canines are left to fend for themselves, and life on the streets, for anyone, is extremely harsh and challenging.

Animals are particularly at risk because they don’t have the ability to communicate and express their specific needs. And, many times, finding food and water can be a life-threatening challenge.

Sadly, there have been reported incidents of people trying to poison and harm dogs on the streets by putting out contaminated food and even piles of food containing glass shards. These glass shards are extremely dangerous as they can severely cut animals’ insides, damaging their internal organs and bodies. Unfortunately, many canines fall victim to this despicable behavior and end up getting very sick or even dying.

The police department in Tacna, Peru took notice of this horrifying issue and decided to take matters into their own hands, designing a solution to address this animal abuse that occurs on the streets.

To prevent dangerous people from hurting dogs on the streets, Peruvian police officers installed food and water stations for abandoned dogs at the headquarters of the Tacna police station.

The city of Tacna is fairly active, with many people and animals occupying the streets. Shaped like long tubes, the food and water stations are attached to the police building, minimizing extraneous space on busy streets but also maximizing positive impact for the canines.

Similar to a vending machine, the stations distribute food moderately. The dogs can smell the food and go there when they’re hungry and thirsty, knowing they will be safe when consuming from those machines.

These food and water dispensing stations were introduced just last year, and have had overwhelmingly positive effects on the dogs living on the streets. Stray dogs are now able to safely consume food and water, and ensuring their safety and the city’s domestic responsibility. This brilliant idea has saved the lives of thousands of canines while keeping them well fed and hydrated.

Since these feeding stations have had such a positive impact, many believe they should be introduced and implemented all across the world. This would help thousands of stray dogs remain safe and prevent them from malnutrition and starvation, as it is clear that Tacna’s street dogs have significantly benefitted from this program.

Let’s spread this positive story and pay tribute to those police officers that, not only thought of this idea but took action and executed this project for the greater good of these animals.

All animals deserve love and safety, and through the collective efforts of the Peruvian city’s police department, these canines can now live, eat, and drink peacefully.

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